Time for applying the Revised Brussels Regime is approaching

31 October 2014

As of 10 January 2015 the Revised Brussels I Regulation on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments (Regulation No 1215/2012) shall start applying to court proceedings within the EU. Among other it will:

·         abolish the exequatur process and allow automatic enforcement of judgements issued by the courts in one EU Member State in another Member State. Thus judgements in civil and commercial matters will start circulating freely across the EU albeit the revised Brussels Regime will maintain procedures to protect defendants and the right of fair trial;

·         reinforce the choice-of-court agreements across the EU;

·         elaborate on the arbitration exception from the Brussels Regime scope with the aim to strengthen arbitration clauses.

The Revised Brussels I Regulation shall apply directly in all EU member states, as no implementing domestic law instruments are necessary (albeit Bulgaria made certain clarifying amendments to its local legislation for the purpose of the application of the existing Brussels I Regulation and it is not unlikely similar approach to be also used for the purpose of the Revised Regulation).

For further details on the key reforms envisaged by the Revised Regulation please refer to our Legal Alert of 30.10.2014.