Convergence Report 2020 and ERM II

On 10 June, The European Commission (EC) and the European Central Bank (ECB) published the long-awaited 2020 Convergence Report (Report 2020), which reports to the EU Council on the progress made by non-euro area Member States in fulfilling their obligations in relation to the economic and monetary union (i.e. the progress made towards joining the single currency).

TBK advised the Eleven Capital IPO, Bulgaria’s first since 2018

TBK Financial Services Team has advised Eleven Capital on the first IPO in Bulgaria since 2018. Despite the current Covid – 19 pandemic and the persistent pressure on financial markets across the world during the recent weeks, the IPO was successfully placed among ninety institutional and retail investors, evidencing the strong demand of the investor base for the opportunities related to the venture capital business.

Ensuring a safe workplace on the verge of an expected epidemic – questions and answers

The COVID-19 virus (also known as the coronavirus) has been spreading rapidly and affects Bulgarian employers daily by challenging them to organize in an adequate manner the work process in the companies. The number of employees who refuse to appear at work due to concerns that this might expose them to a potential contamination is quickly increasing. So is the number of employees who refuse to voluntarily stay at home in isolation following their return from trips to high risk destinations.

The Bulgarian National Electricity Company sanctioned for abuse of dominance on the market of balancing energy of renewables

The Bulgarian National Electricity Company sanctioned for abuse of dominance on the market of balancing energy of renewables Authors: Eleonora Mateina and Anastasiya Grunova 7 January 2020, Kluwer Competition Law Blog  

Limitations of parallel trade with pharmaceuticals in the practice of the European Commission, ECJ and the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition

The purpose of the article is to outline the key aspects of the limitations of parallel trade with pharmaceuticals and to review the most significant decisions of the ECJ dedicated to this topic, i.e. decisions under the joined cases C-2/01 P и C-3/01 (Bayer/Adalat); case C-277/87 (Sandoz); joined cases C 501/06 P, C-513/06 P, C-515/06 P и C 519/06 P (GSK, Spain); joined cases from C 468/06 to C 478/06 (GSK, Greece) and case T 321/05 (AstraZeneca).

European Court of Justice’s Ruling on Cookie Consent

On October 1, 2019 the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has issued a judgment under Case C-673/17 on cookie consent. The request for interpretation of EU law was made by the Federal Court of Justice in Germany in relation to a court case between the Federation of Consumer Organisations in Germany (FOCG) and an online gaming company.