Up to 50 percent of the employees may be simultaneously present in the office premises


A new measure to limit the spread of COVID-19 was introduced by the Minister of Health with his latest order last week (available here).

According to it, only half of the employees can be present at the same time in the office premises of the employer. To reduce staff congestion in the workplace, employers can set working hours with variable limits or shift work.

It remains the obligation of employers whose employees work on premises to secure physical distance of at least 1.5 meters between the individual workstations. When the area of ​​the office does not allow for such a distance, the employer is obliged to provide protective face masks for its staff.

The requirement for a regular disinfection at the workplace continues to apply. So does the rule imposed on employers that no employees who manifest acute respiratory diseases are to be allowed to their workplace.

Of course, home office is still the preferred way to do business nowadays and the health authorities continue to support its implementation. Hence, the remote work option must be introduced by all employers where such an organization of the work process is possible. This approach provides the maximum level of protection and allows employers to fulfill their obligation to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace during the times of pandemic.  

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Ilya Komarevski, partner

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